“Real-Sound” Processor brings out full potential of your amplifier and speakers, delivering realistic sound and full of musicality.

When the music are playing back on any audio systems, generally the counter-electromotive force always occurs in the voice coil of the speaker unit, due to the changes in amplifier output over time. And this counter-electromotive current returns to the amp via the speaker cord, making it difficult to drive the speaker in accordance with the input current.
RSP-501EX could absorb some counter-electromotive current and reduce the fluctuations in speaker impedance characteristics, particularly in the mid to high ranges. This makes it possible to drive the speaker more faithfully, improving the sound resolution and the start-up, also reproduces opposing natural resonances. Above all you could find out the deep, rich and fascinating tonal characters you have never experienced with RSP-501EX from your favorite audio system.


Compatible speaker impedance Preferably 10 Ω or lower
Max amp output Preferably 1 kW or lower
External dimensions 100 x 47 x 117 mm (W×H×D)
Weight Approx. 250g
Package contents 2 units, 1 polishing cloth, Operational manual

* The effects will differ depending on your speaker system and the amplifier used with it.

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